Training Feedback

Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy 2015-2016

“This diploma is informative, thorough and a fantastic course to attend, with a tutor who is dedicated to making sure you get everything you need from it, and beyond. Steve is there to guide you all the way through and is available whenever you need him as a teacher and mentor. With his skills, wealth of knowledge and tips, tricks and advice you can’t afford not to do this course.” – Vicky, Former Student and Hypnotherapist

“A great experience”- Counsellor

” Just great, relaxing and fun. Cant wait to set up in practice.” Therapist

“Not a phrase I thought I would use but genuinely life changing”, Psychological Therapist

“Informative and supportive, I learned a lot.” Psychotherapist

“I love being hypnotised and hypnotising others. ” Successful Student.


Child Sexual Exploitation; Working with Traumatised Children and Young People, Nov 2014, Derby:

“Emotive and Impactful; a must for frontline practitioners working closely with children and young people affected  by CSE.”  Local Safeguarding Children’s Board Officer.

              “This training has immediately affected my practice for the better.”   CSE Service Manager.

“A very informative day. Steve was a great trainer, knowledgeable and approachable.” Residential Childcare Worker.

  “Thought provoking and informative.  The trainer had a good knowledge of the subject.”  Therapeutic Practitioner


The Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children and Young People, Counselling North West, October, 2014

                           ” I work in this area and found the day to be full of useful information, a good refresher with additional practitioner knowledge.”,   Domestic Abuse Worker

Many thanks to Steve for an excellent presentation, we are privileged to have such an expert on our doorstep and this is doubtless a topic to which we will be returning on a regular basis in the future.”,  CNW Committee,

     “Good use of case studies and great to hear someone deliver training that actually does the work!” Counsellor



Working Therapeutically with Children and Adolescents: Delivered to Counselling North West, Sept 2013, Manchester:

                     “The whole day was packed with valuable content and delivered in a very relaxed style. “

“Steve’s dedication and enthusiasm for this area shone throughout the day.” 

               “An excellent review of child development and promoted thinking from a child’s perspective.”


 Certificate in Hypnotherapy 2014

Unbelievable, I cant wait to start working with clients.” Successful student

        “I didn’t think the course would cover so much ground. I am very proud to have completed and will be signing up for the practitioner level.” John, Successful student.

                     “I struggled early on with the inductions but Steve’s calm manner and patience got me through it. My weakness has now become my strength- thanks Steve.” Claire, Successful Student

      “…superb! Genuinely one of the best experiences I’ve had…” Simon, Counsellor.

An Introduction to Therapeutic Hypnosis: August 2013, Runcorn:

Amazing day, thank-you Steve for demonstrating the power of hypnosis.” Counselling student.

                       “A must for any therapist thinking of adding hypnosis to their tool-kit.”  Psychotherapist.

“Really informative, compelling day, it was great to practice the skills.”  Counsellor

                        “After today I am convinced I want to be a hypnotherapist.” Health Worker


Client Feedback

You’ve helped so much with my relationship, thank-you.”   ‘Paul’, Widnes.

“I can’t believe I got on the plane, amazing, amazing- you made my holiday.” Postcard from Debbie, Hypnotherapy Client.

” My son’s anger has gone from 90% to 25%.”  Parent of Teenage CBT Client.

“My eating habits have really changed and I have lost 14Llbs.” ‘Sharon, Hypnotherapy Client, Warrington.

“It’s made a real difference to my life.” Anxiety client (CBT)