You are eligible! 

Think Therapy has students from a wide variety of backgrounds, no previous experience of hypnotherapy is required, however experience in similar fields can be beneficial, particularly if you have practitioner experience in areas such as counselling or psychotherapy, suitable experience in working with people in another relevant profession e.g. complimentary therapies.

If you don’t have such experience don’t be deterred, if you have the desire and ability to learn new information and can build trust and rapport with people you have the requisite skills

Students attending the diploma are expected to be able to meet the academic standards for the course and have the motivation to study in between modules. A consultation prior to enrolment will be carried out by your tutor to establish suitability of character and academic ability it will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the course prior to making a commitment.

If during your consultation it is felt that you do not meet the requirements to access the course and you still want to continue, we may recommend a suitable foundation course either delivered by Think Therapy or another reputable learning provider. 

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HTC 545