The course will comprise in-depth theoretical study, underpinned by practical applications; both will include study outside of the attended weekend modules.

You are expected to conduct wider reading, study and practice in between modules. Reflective learning journals must be completed to underpin each students learning experience and show evidence of learning between modules. 1:1 tutorial time will be allowed for you to explore any areas of concern and ensure that you get the best support during your time on the course, all study goes towards the total 450 learning hours required to complete the diploma.

The experiential nature of the course means that you will get to practice hypnosis and experience being under hypnosis regularly throughout, reinforcing confidence in your practical application and linking theory into practice. Each weekend you will take away a module pack and by the end of the course you will have a comprehensive set of resources to utilise in your practice and refer to in the future. The course will have a variety of learning methods to ensure that individual students learning styles are supported. 
There will be practical demonstrations and small practice groups to hone your skills. Lectures will be supported by audio and video recordings. Students are encouraged to take part in all elements of the course, open discussions, triad work and small group practices will be features of sessions. The weekend modules will be packed with information provided with a good balance of theory and practice. Learning will take place in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and you will leave each weekend energised and motivated to practice the essential skills necessary to become a confident and successful hypnotherapist.