Terms and Conditions

Attendance, Payment and Awarding

1.1  To secure your place on the course a deposit of £200 payable by cheque or bank transfer is required. When you enrol on a course and pay for it, you are entitled to seven working days during which you may cancel your course enrolment. If you do reconsider your enrolment during this time, you will receive a refund of the money paid for the course(s).

1.2 If however, the course starts within the seven day cooling off period; your payment for the course indicates that you wish to undertake the course. Therefore, your right to cancel is lost if you choose to withdraw unless this is due to a course being proved to have been mis-sold by the training provider or to service failure.

1.3 Think Therapy reserves the right to retain the initial £200 deposit should you cancel within this period.

1.4 If paying by instalments you agree to pay promptly on the dates specified on your registration document.

1.5 Should a course instructor not be available to attend a scheduled module due to unforeseen circumstances or ill health another date will be provided and a pro-rata refund will be given for that weekend.

1.6 Students must have a minimum of 85% attendance to successfully complete the course. Students who do not attain 85% attendance will not qualify and will forfeit any monies paid.

1.7 Students who are unable to attend scheduled weekend modules can request extra 1:1 tuition in order to gain the required hours for successful completion of the course (at additional cost).

1.8 To secure a place on the course your deposit must be paid at the time of booking, the remaining balance can be paid in full or in three instalments at set intervals across the period of the course. For further information see Fees and Enrolment.

1.9 Qualifications will be issued upon successful completion and payment in full.


2.1 Students should have no history of criminal convictions or sanctions which might reflect upon their suitability to practice as a therapist.

2.2 Students must be in suitable mental health to undertake this training

i.e. without history of psychosis/psychotic symptoms or current mental health conditions. 

2.3 Students should notify their tutor in writing prior to enrolment of any general health or psychological conditions which might affect their safety or impinge upon their ability to study or indeed which may impact upon the therapist-client relationship now or in the future.

2.4 Any medical issues which may affect the immediate health of the student need to be provided in writing prior to enrolment to ensure the health and safety of the individual and fellow students i.e. heart conditions, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes etc.

2.5 Students should have (or are advised to obtain) suitable experience of working with others prior to enrolment.

2.6 Think Therapy reserves the right to decline an application based upon its discretion and/or failure of the individual to meet the minimum criteria for acceptance on the course. 

Equal Opportunities & Disabilities 

3.1 Think Therapy supports the principle of equal opportunities and opposes all unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of gender, colour, race, nationality, disability, age, creed or sexual orientation.

3.2 Think Therapy aims to ensure that equality of opportunity is promoted however this does not contradict its duty to exclude students from training where a psychiatric or general medical condition might present a risk or otherwise render them unsuitable for training in hypnotherapy or psychotherapy.

3.3 We recognise that some students may require additional support in order to achieve their qualification e.g. if you have a permanent or temporary disability, medical condition or specific learning need.

3.4 We will endeavour to meet your needs as far as it is possible and appropriate to do so.

3.5 Your tutor will discuss the best way to support your needs and any reasonable adjustments that may need to take place to accommodate them.